Monopoly slot



Monopoly Megaways is a slot machine from the developers of Big Time Gaming inspired by the board game of the same name.

Big Time Gaming has decided to release a slot machine based on the insanely popular board game Monopoly. For the first time the project of this game was presented in 1934, by Charles Derrow, but due to a large number of design errors, it did not become approved. But Charles decided to release the game on his own anyway, as a result of which more than 5,000 copies were sold. And after a few years, the game began to be published thanks to Parker Bros. In 1936, Monopoly became the best-selling game, and I would like to note that its popularity has not diminished to this day. This inspired Big Time Gaming to create the Monopoly Megaways slot, which was based on the same Monopoly.

At home is one of the ways to earn free spins. You activate free spins when you get five houses or land for a chance. You will receive 8 free spins, the number of which can increase thanks to the houses or train stations you have already accumulated. Free spins start with a x1 multiplier, which increases by 1 for each utility owned.

Overall, Monopoly MegaWays is a slot that combines the classic board game and 2 innovative game mechanics (MegaWays and Reel Adventure), making this slot truly unique. We can confidently say that Monopoly will attract the attention of players, and will also be an excellent addition to the collection of games from Big Time Gaming.

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